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Dating Naked Season 2 Is Making One Big Change

Dating Naked Season 2 Is Making One Big Change

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Dating Naked is headed back once again to VH1 for round 2 this July, however the show won’t be exactly while you remembered. To shake things up, Dating Naked is making one change that is big Season 2. in the place of after brand brand brand new partners who will be dating into the nude every week, Season 2 will observe two daters who can stick to the show for many 10 episodes. Presumably, the brand new contestants are completely stoked about all of that nudity.

Here’s just how it shall work. Kerri Cipriani and Chris Aldrich, two young experts who are seeking love when you look at the nude, are finalized on to function as Dating Naked leads during Season 2. Cipriani is a traveling nursing assistant from Tampa that has been jilted in love in past times. Aldrich is from hillcrest, where he works being a economic consultant. The growing season 2 episodes had been shot when you look at the Philippines, and can feature lots of other nude people, aswell.

In accordance with EW, every week, Cipriani and Aldrich could have a “nude romantic adventure,” but they’ll be accompanied by two extra nude people. By the end of each episode, the primary couple extends to select another nude individual to become listed on them on the area, like reverse Survivor.