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The Basic Guide How To Manually Update Motherboard Drivers for Windows Vista on Lenovo – Solved

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And, unlike most of the other tools in the marketplace, it does not leak your personal information. However, the free version does not support automatic updates. Still, in our view, it is a worth trying software update utility for the remarkable features that it offers. Till some time back, malware creators often targeted Windows operating system directly. Now Windows has been quite successful in protecting their users by circulating security patches in system updates. Windows has become more secure than ever, hence malware creators have shifted their attention to Windows applications.

Software developers usually release new versions of software after improving its features and user interace, removing some bugs or when security weaknesses in earlier versions were fixed. If you would like to keep the software on your computer up-to-date, you may find it difficult and time-consuming if you have many programs installed. Sometimes certain software will automatically check for updates (e.g. Adobe Reader and Firefox), or it will update itself (e.g. Google Chrome) but this isn’t true of all software. Sometimes a quick scan of your computer by one of these products will reveal which software is old and needs to be updated. Moreover, this lightweight program also lets you ignore beta versions and exclude apps from the update.

First, it finds the device’s hardware ID and offers more precise drivers than a user can do manually. It can be set to download, install and update all drivers automatically. In addition, this driver updater has a nice design and costs cheaper than other similar apps. Avast Driver Updater is a small simple software to update drivers on a Windows PC. It is light, operates fast and smoothly, finds missing, corrupt or drivers that require an update. All you have to do is to press a big green Start Scan button and get results in a matter of seconds, literally. DriverMax free driver updater version is outstanding compared to other apps as it performs automated installations. The features we found in this driver updating software were impressive for a free version.

This helps in reducing false positives significantly while updating the hardware drivers. Also, with DUMO, you will get the most recent version of hardware drivers.

The best part about this one is the smallest files size required for the installation. This means you can use it even if your PC is low on storage space.

This tool comes with 24/7 dedicated customer support and scans the whole system followed by getting the list of drivers that need an update. KC Software is known for developing some of the most user-friendly applications for the Windows platform. And recently they brought a Driver Update Monitor program for Windows 10, 8 and 7 users. Unlike other driver update tools, this program detects required drivers based on Microsoft’s huge list of devices and drivers.

Also users can create driver backup before installing updates. DriverHub provides one of the largest driver databases among similar programs. It has a bit of a utilitarian menu in a dark theme, which also makes it easy to master. After completing the initial scan, DriverHub selects the most suitable drivers for the system. Yet, unlike other driver updaters, there are always available alternative driver versions, if current version is incompatible or unwanted. is an automatic driver installer/updater working on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista, or XP.

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Having said that, the best part about DUMO is that it does not bring any adware or bloatware. FileHippo App Manager is a small and lightweight application. It’s based upon an older program, FileHippo Update Checker, but, unlike the older version, Appmanager will handle downloads and installations for you. It detected updates for almost all of our installed software and it seems to be very well connected to FileHippo’s application database. Also, we really appreciated the fact that it provided updates for all of the more vulnerable Windows applications. UpdateStar has amassed 12+ years of experience in developing software and UpdateStar Drivers is their main product. Its advantage is an optimized delivery system that downloads drivers from official vendors websites directly in the program.

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They are inventing newer and stealthier methods to infect Windows applications and then ultimately the Windows computer. Hence, it’s high time to keep Windows applications up-to-date with best software updater tool. There is plenty you can do offline to keep your computer running optimally and to make it less susceptible to malicious programs. First, delete all old or unwanted programs, toolbars, etc. In addition, keep your drivers, programs and operating system updated to the latest versions. You also shouldn’t connect unknown or sketchy looking flash drives because they may contain malware.