MH: Did it end in individuals judging you? Has it been a nagging issue in your lifetime?

MH: Did it end in individuals judging you? Has it been a nagging issue in your lifetime?

D: we positively were chosen on and belittled because of it, rather than in an enjoyable or respectful, playful method. I’ve had large amount of self-esteem problems about this into the past. But no body within my family members has alienated me personally for this, since they love me personally plus the goofy, hard-working individual i will be. It does not make a difference the thing I like, especially if it is benign. It’s an escape that is really fun us to maintain fantasy land.

MH: What could be the connection with seeing pictures or videos of giantesses like for you personally? Can it be intimate, or even more psychological?

D: It’s a mixture of an intimate rush and an awesome psychological high from drifting off into fantasyland! The images and digital camera perspectives, in addition to videos, bring the dream your. It’s fun to look at perspective of this small guy, and while I’ve jerked down once or twice for this content, We mostly think it is become great. Types of like a skill.

MH: What will it be, especially, concerning the concept of being a small guy beneath a massive woman’s foot that can be so enticing to you? Could you place it into terms?

D: It’s positively the powerlessness from it. That’s what this whole fetish revolves around, in my experience. Coming to the whim of a goddess that is beautiful whether she’s gigantic and crushing small towns and cities under her big toe, or perhaps the sole of her flip-flops or sneakers, to a person or numerous people being shrunk down, and crushed or used as base slaves, or intercourse slaves. Everything revolves round the giantess’s energy and beauty!

I think many guys are attracted to the factor that is submissive.